Ability has spent the last three weeks calling for volunteers. Finally, this Friday 26th April is set to be our volunteer Training Day, which will be a full day of activities, discussions and recces. The focus will be to help everyone understand what is required of them when out collecting data, how to access and use our new online audit forms, grouping volunteers according to zones and making sure to the best of our ability that each volunteer goes home with all their FAQs answered.

The volunteers who have shown interest in participating with this year’s mapping exercise consist of university students, parents of children with a disability, professionals in the transport sector, individuals living with disabilities and of course us here at Ability. We also have organisations that are keen to partner with us including Institute for Transport and Development Policy (ITDP), the Nairobi Design Institute (NDI) and Signs Media TV to name a few.

As requests to volunteer continue to come in through our email Address ability@openinstitute.com and our text line 0796401654, we will be spending these last four days finalising on logistics for the day, our programme schedule, workshop presentations and all other materials needed for the day. If you have been following Ability since our pilot in May 2018, then you may have an idea of what this training day will cover. Topics will include an introduction to the Ability Project, experiencing disability through simulation, understanding Universal Design, Data collection competencies, tips on taking good photos/videos plus Q&As throughout the training.

After the training day, mapping will start in the following week, from Tuesday 30th April up to Saturday 4th May. We are excited to get into this busy period which we have been looking forward to. If last year is anything to go by, the Ability team is ready for several early mornings, late nights, troubleshooting and making sure every person is taken care of throughout this process.

It is still not too late to join us. Again, you can get in touch with us on ability@openinstitute.com and we will get back to you with all the details!