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A group of volunteers participating in the Ability program

About the Ability Program

The Ability Program is an initiative set up in 2018 that is anchored in collecting data on how accessible African buildings and streets are for everyone to use, but especially for people with disabilities. We work to ‘MOVE’ – mainstream accessibility with organisations and volunteers that desire equitable mobility for all.

Ability program volunteers

The Data

Ability maps out and collects basic accessibility data around African cities with trained volunteers. The  data helps to establish how accessible the every day environment really is for everyone to use. This citizen generated data is then digitised, verified and published on our interactive map called MapAbility that stakeholders use to create sustainable development solutions towards equitable mobility for all.


MapAbility is an open source and interactive map that disseminates all the data that Ability has collected on accessibility in the built environment. Some of the data you will find on MapAbility cover indoor and outdoor accessibility features such as: bus stops, crossing points, pavements, audio and visual prompts, signage, entrances and exits, ramps and drop curbs, parking, stairwells, lifts and lighting.

The MapAbility application projected on a screen

Our Stories

Ability Program Manager Crystal Asige poses for a picture while standing with a white cane

White Cane Safety Day

The 2019 White Cane Safety Day is marked today, 15th October worldwide.  By Japhet Kirimi &

Ability Program Manager Crystal Asige speaking at a conference

2019 BEAT IT Conference

Introduction On the 26th of September 2019, we attended a  conference in Crowne Plaza, Upper

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