We are so honoured to have the Ability programme gain so much interest through our YouTube channel videos, our website blogs and social media posts. in May, we landed on BBC Africa’s Raider and were invited to participate in a panel alongside three other women to discuss the topic of visible and invisible disabilities. The show was titled #SheWord and by now has aired across several African countries including; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, Liberia, Nigeria and more.

The panelists were all African women who shared there experiences and challenges of having a disability, as well as our thoughts on the misconceptions surrounding this topic. Apart from that, Ability was able to also share the work that we are doing currently towards advocacy and our recommendations towards policy change in this sector.
A very big thank you to BBC Africa and the team at #SheWord for the invitation and their support in creating visibility around what we are doing on the Ability programme.

Enjoy the episode below and let us know what you thought on our email address: ability@openinstitute.com!